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Some modern vehicles come from the factory with vacuum pumps to assist the vacuum operated power brakes. It is probably to cure that issue.

My brakes on my 05 Frontier were rock hard I put new front pads on it the other day and after that the pedal has been spongy. I never opened a line or bleeder to let air in the system. But it didn't help the pedal feel any better. I now have to press the pedal down half way to stop and I can still press it to the floor when at a stop light. I noticed that the brake pedal has quite a lot of travel after you stop. When stopping all is normal, good braking action and comes to a stop completely.

However, once completely stopped you can push the brake pedal down an inch or more. I checked other forums and this complaint is on most of them.

You cannot pump the brakes up. So, I don't think the system has any air in it.

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My Frontier only has miles. I think it has been this way since new. I just happened to notice it recently.

Does anyone else have this problem? Have you had it checked out by the dealer?

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Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Brake Pads and Rotors.

How to install Nissan Frontier Rebuild Brake Master Cylinder - Nissan D22 . Part 4/4

Nissan Frontier. How do you bleed the brakes on a Nissan Frontier 4 wheel drive? Wiki User My Chilton manual says do it in this order: 1. ABS actuator inlet lines 2 7. ABS actuator outlet lines 3. The Nissan Frontier has rear wheel drive.

Asked in Nissan Frontier Is the Nissan Frontier front wheel drive rear wheel drive or four wheel drive? The speed sensor on the Nissan Frontier is located on the undercarriage on the passenger side of the vehicle. It is near the rear drive shaft on the transfer case. Asked in Nissan Frontier How many miles can a Nissan frontier drive with a full tank of gas?

Type your answer here You may have a collapsed brake hose or a pinched brake line. The Nissan z is rear wheel drive. That's with city driving and about a 30 mile commute to work on the highway. Strictly highway is a little bit higher than that around 23 or so. I don't drive like a maniac or "gun" it very often either Asked in Nissan After I drive my truck for like 30 minutes my rear driver tire gets hot On a nissan hardbody 2wd year is ?

The brakes or rotors could be making the rear driver tire get hot on a Nissan hard body. The Nissan Rogue has front wheel drive. Trending Questions.One problem related to brake abs warning light has been reported for the Nissan Frontier. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the Nissan Frontier based on all problems reported for the Frontier. The contact owns a Nissan Frontier.

The contact stated that the abs fails intermittently. When the sensor activates, she hears a noise coming from the engine compartment and the brakes fail to work properly. The failure has almost caused her to rear end another vehicle twice, while driving 20 mph. The repair shop stated that they were unable to locate a new sensor to replace the defected one.

The current mileage wasand failure mileage wasCar Problems. Brake Abs Warning Light problem 1. Other Service Brakes related problems of the Nissan Frontier.

Brake Electric Antilock problems 5. Brake Electric Antilock problems. Brake Light On problems. Brake Foundation Components problems. Brake Master Cylinder problems. Brake Disc Pads problems.

Service Brakes problems. Abs Brake Fail problems.How can I get air out of the ABS module without scan tool?

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Do you. If we are to assume there really is air trapped in a chamber, you need to open that valve to let the air out, but there has to be brake fluid under pressure ready to take its place. Scanners will command the controller to run the pump or pressurize the fluid. Scanners are used for that because it is much easier than the alternative. The computer will open each valve. That alternative is to unplug the connector, then apply ground and 12 volts to the two wires for each solenoid.

That would take a long time and may not be very effective. First you need to tell me why you want to bleed the system so I am in the right frame of mind.

nissan frontier abs bleeding

I have a number of tricks to get air out of any system without bleeding at the wheels. If you can get the hydraulic controller to kick in, let it keep on activating until the vehicle comes to a stop, but keep on holding the brake pedal down in the same position. Try very hard to never ever push the brake pedal more than halfway to the floor as that can damage a master cylinder from crud and corrosion if it is more than about a year old.

Wait like that for about ten seconds, then let the brake pedal snap back quickly on its own. While the valves are being pulsed, you'll be pushing brake fluid down to them, and if you are lucky, the air will come out of the chambers and float upward. The ten seconds is to let them float up as much as possible. Releasing the brake pedal quickly will make the brake fluid rush back to the reservoir and wash the air bubbles up with it.

Push it very slowly so the air bubbles keep on floating up. Release quickly to wash the bubbles up. You don't have to be concerned with which wheel s skid during the stop. Individual wheel valves only block fluid flow momentarily when activated in a skid. Those wont trap air.

nissan frontier abs bleeding

That pedal stroking also works as a secondary method after replacing the master cylinder. There are wiring diagrams further down on this post that can help you activate the valves manually. Was this answer. I have a gmc dually 6. How can I manually bleed the abs pump or and module Was this answer. Here is a wiring diagram for the ABS BELOW to figure out which wires are for each solenoid, then apply 12 volts and ground to apply them, then do the normal bleeding.

YOU might be smart enough to figure out how to make that work, but I'm not.

nissan frontier abs bleeding

In normal operation during a skid, the computer pulses the various solenoids on and off very quickly, and for only a few seconds.

With a scanner, the bleeding process is over almost as fast as you can push the buttons. If you were to apply 12 volts, I'd be concerned a solenoid could become overheated if it is kept applied too long. Also be aware some solenoid-controlled valves are normally open, and they block fluid flow when applied, "block" valvesand some are normally closed, and open to pass fluid when turned on, "dump" valves.Nissan Frontier owners have reported 6 problems related to brake abs warning light under the service brakes category.

How to Diagnose Brake Problems on a Nissan Frontier

The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Nissan Frontier based on all problems reported for the Frontier. At ambient temperatures less than 10 degrees, the abs light and traction control light will illuminate upon first movement.

This disables the abs system and the traction control system, it will also disable the 4 wheel drive system if not engaged before movement. Ambient temp must rise above 25 degrees to reverse the symptoms. This is a serious safety hazard for anyone that lives in a cold climate. See all problems of the Nissan Frontier. The contact owns a Nissan Frontier. While driving 40 mph, the vehicle failed to completely stop when the brakes were applied. The contact could not estimate the length of time the vehicle took to stop.

He stated that the abs warning indicator light illuminated. The road conditions were dry. The current and failure mileages wereThe contact stated that the abs fails intermittently. When the sensor activates, she hears a noise coming from the engine compartment and the brakes fail to work properly.

The failure has almost caused her to rear end another vehicle twice, while driving 20 mph. The repair shop stated that they were unable to locate a new sensor to replace the defected one.

The current mileage wasand failure mileage wasAbs light intermittently lights on dashboard, causing per owners manual inoperative state of abs system. Light comes on when starting, while driving or sitting and idling. While traveling on the highway without prior warning. The abs braking light will appear on the dashboard. And will stay on until the vehicle is turn off.

Please provide additional information dealer is aware of the problem. Car Problems. Service Brakes problems.

2000 Nissan Frontier brakes

Brake Electric Antilock problems.Brakes are a very simple system to troubleshoot. In a Nissan Frontier, he brakes start at the master cylinder. When the brake pedal is pressed, the master cylinder sends hydraulic fluid with the help of a brake booster through the brake lines to the caliper. The hydraulic pressure created is what pushes the caliper to the rotor. When you release the pedal, the calipers retracts, letting the rotors spin freely. Inspect your brake pedal for proper free-play and function.

Your brake should engage less than a quarter of the way down. Suppose your pedal appears to have to much free play you will want to examine your master cylinder for any leaks.

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Open your hood and inspect the master cylinder. Pop the cap on the master cylinder to check for fluid level. The fluid should be around the fill line. Make sure the fluid is clear. Any color in the brake fluid will indicate the fluid is dirty and should be changed.

Engage the brakes while driving and you will hear a grinding sound. That sound is from your brake pads wearing down. They will need to be replaced.

nissan frontier abs bleeding

Remove the wheel and inspect the brake pads. Inspect the rotor for grooves and nicks. The rotor should be smooth front and back. Inspect your system at start-up if you notice that the "ABS" lights come on. The codes will indicate any problem areas.My brakes are going to the floor and truck is barely stopping.

I replaced the master cylinder, bench bled it first then installed it. Bled all the lines working from the furthest rear passenger to the front. Made sure clear fluid came out with no air, pedal was firm until I started it. Then it went to the floor again. I cracked open the ABS actuator lines and bled them in lines first the exit lines. How do I bleed the ABS?

ABS module

Please help. Do you. You only need to bleed the system at the wheels. Try that again and if necessary start the engine while bleeding. Does pumping the pedal a few times with engine started makes any difference to the pedal height? Was this answer. I did all you suggested, once engine is started it goes to the floor, pumping brakes has little or no difference, I think the ABS actuator has air in it.

I need a way to open the valves to properly bleed them. Any Ideas? RU still there! Sorry for the delay. If pumping the pedal does not make any differences, you are correct about the ABS accumulator being the culprit but it is not air in the system that is causing this.

In fact it is due to lack of back pressure. One way of doing it is to get a scan tool to perform bleeding of the ABS system. Try this, drive vehicle on a sandy patch and press the pedal hard to jam the brakes. The accumulator should work, keep repeating until the pedal becomes firm.

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